It’s official. Potato milk is now a thing. (But really, shouldn’t it be called potato tears? Spuds have eyes, not teats. Just sayin’.) Whatever you want to call it, the juice of potatoes is the next big milk, according to The Cut. And while it sounds like we’re just throwing any old vegetable into the Vitamix to see what sort of milk/malk/mylk comes out, there’s actually a pretty good reason to select the spud. According to the article, potatoes are the “most eco-conscious of all the many eco-conscious milks.” Growing potatoes uses about half the land that growing oats requires and requires less than 2% of the water almonds need.

And potato milk is more than just theoretical, it exists in the real world and is apparently quite popular. Dug, a UK-based company that makes the only commercially-available potato milk, is “all the rage in Europe,” and “is expected Stateside any minute now.” True to the modern alternative milk script, Dug comes in original, flavored, and a barista edition that has twice the fat content of the original—3g instead of 1.5g—this is meant to be creamier and better for steaming for hot espresso drinks.


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While on the surface potato milk sounds… odd, I’m totally here for it. Potato vodka (especially coffee-infused potato vodka) can be delicious so why couldn’t this?

It’s worth a shot, especially as a tuber twofer (threefer?) in The Ube Abides.

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