Welcome to “Yelp, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Shut Up”, a new weekly series on Sprudge.com where we’ll call on our readers to send us the best, worst, dumbest, most hilariously amazing Yelp reviews from around the world! A vibrant home for seemingly worldly, educated reviews about restaurants, cafes, dentists and dog-walkers, Yelp.com offers hundreds of specialty coffee reviews, each one of which is its own little special participant in the grand unintentional guffaw of this massively public review site. There is amazing, hilarious stuff on Yelp – send us your favorites!

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This week’s entry comes to us via tip line from Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Venice, LA. You can reach the Sprudge.com command phone day or night, from anywhere on earth, at +1-567-CRI-NKLY (+1-567-274-6559).

“Dumbentsia?” Intelli Venice has some epic Yelp reviews, including one that prefers the iced nonfat latte at Starbucks, and a gentleman obsessed with mannequin nipples.

(btws… have you heard about yelp for people? gtfo omg stfu!)

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