We are fast approaching the month of August, and that can mean only one thing: it’s college football time here in America. A season when hope springs eternal, where your team hasn’t lost a game and is still in playoff contention, that strapping five-star recruit isn’t yet a bust, and there’s still a chance your team isn’t at all overrated (ahem, Texas Longhorns).

As is tradition leading up to kick-off, the massive sports media industrial complex turns an eye to the high-profile teams and potential breakout stars for the upcoming season. One of these is Will Levis, starting quarterback for the University of Kentucky. Entering his senior season, Levis is expected to build upon a strong showing last year, leading his team to a 10-3 season as well as a victory in the Citrus Bowl. And what will be fueling his performance? Coffee with mayonnaise.

Like, a lot of it.

In a truly shocking discovery that Sports Illustrated called “gross”, Will’s mayo coffee habit first came to light during SEC media days, where Levis averred that he “sometimes” puts mayo in his coffee. Demonstrating his coffee hack to CBS Sports, Levis adds to about a half mug full of coffee what can only be described as a concerning amount of mayonnaise. Just watch for yourself.

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Try as he might to mix the two, the results never quite reach homogenous status.

While mayonnaise in coffee is always a surprising concoction, the pairing is not new. About every five years or so the great debate about whether or not to put may in coffee refreshes anew. 11 years ago a debate raged on Reddit and then again, five years ago on Twitter. The general consensus from both is that, no, you should not put mayonnaise in your coffee. Still, those on the pro-mayo side would be quick to note that butter in coffee is very much a thing, especially amongst the keto crowd, and mayonnaise and butter aren’t all that dissimilar in what they would bring to the cup, which is an overall creaminess.

Hellmann’s has even gotten in on the fun trying to go #viral in order to sell a few more family sized tubs of white goo.

Arguably the most contentious condiment on the market, mayonnaise on its own is much debated. It is either a beloved spread that elevates dishes it is added to, like a creamy salt, or it is a reviled viscous substance not allowed anywhere near one’s refrigerator. There is no middle path, nor is anyone switching sides. Mayo feelings are already a powder keg, so when you add them, somewhat shockingly, to a beloved and deeply felt drink like coffee, well, you should expect fireworks. Creamy, gross fireworks.

So that’s why we’re are are asking you, the readers, where you stand on this issue. Are you willing to give your coffee a mayo float or is there a limit to “everyone can drink coffee however they want?” You knew exactly how you felt about it as soon as you read the headline, and now it’s time to sound off. We’ve created a Twitter poll to answer once and for all, can mayonnaise and coffee coexist?

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.