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There’s a massive global coffee event happening next week in Nice, France, which will play host to the specialty coffee world for the 2013 World Of Coffee event hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. They’ve got an incredible spate of programming set for us, including four remarkable specialty coffee competitions, which you can peruse at your leisure here.

But no competition is an island, and this being specialty coffee, the SCAE have bundled together their coffee competitions with a pirate’s doubloon rum ransom of lectures, talks, cuppings, and parties. Here’s what not to miss next week in Nice!


World Roasters Summit

This is the very first event of its kind, bringing together experts in the field of green buying, roasting and blend profiling for a one day seminar of lectures and sure-to-be-lively panel discussions. Lecturers at the World Roasters Summit include the esteemed George Howell and Jeremy Torz of Union Hand Roasted. The event itself is being held at the sumptuous Palais de la Méditerranée hotel; it will no doubt be a hot bed for hobnobbing, networking, get-working, and thought provocation. Click here to read a full brochure. 

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Tamper Tantrum Live

Ahh, we’re enormously excited for this one. Like TED for coffee without all the pomp, Tamper Tantrum Live is a freewheeling exercise in specialty coffee discussion and debate, and a forum for some of the very brightest minds in specialty coffee. A list of Tamper Tantrum Live speakers is available here, and Your Sprudge Editors will be appearing on the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon of the event, at 3pm sharp. You can watch it all happen live thanks to TTL’s dedicated Livestream feed. Join us!


Workshops & Courses

Much like their SCAA counterparts back in the United States, the SCAE uses their annual event as a chance to host a sprawling, wide-ranging series of courses and educational opportunities for professional development. From basic barista training to roasting to green coffee buying, the classroom opportunities are endless. Here is a complete list of the courses being offered by the SCAE at World Of Coffee Nice. 


The Show Floor

No coffee convention worth its malic acid would be caught dead without a wild, vibrant, marketplace-style showroom floor. World Of Coffee Nice is sure to be a Mos Eisley-esque souk of vendors, cuppings, tastings, brew bars, machine demos, and much, much more. Some events, like the Cafe Imports / Aida Battle El Salvador cupping, are invite only, but many more are open to the general public, including the opportunity to attend daily guided tours of the UNIC espresso machine factory (simply inquire at the UNIC booth). Our advice to show goers is to get there, sniff around, and see what’s exciting on an hour by hour basis.


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