The 2014 World Cup Tasters Championship, a competition that tests coffee palate skills according to speed and accuracy, has just 4 competitors remaining from an opening field of 37. They’ll do battle agains one another on Finals Sunday here at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, and we’ll be calling the madness live on Twitter via our @SprudgeLive competition coverage account, beginning at 1:20pm AEST. Time zone conversion tables are available here.

Sprudge.com’s coverage of World Cup Tasters Championship is produced in partnership with World Coffee Events, the international organization that stages these competitions each year. Fans of the World Cup Tasters Championship can follow along via Livestream, hosted by our friends and partners at World Coffee Events.

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The finalists come from a diverse set of backgrounds and homelands, representing three continents and multiple languages. Their one common bond is a rarified sense of taste, and the ability to test that sense under the most demanding of circumstances. Here they are, your 2014 World Cup Tasters Championship finalists!

Amanda Juris, USA–Starbucks


Yoeri Joosten, Netherlands–Boot Koffie


Pang Yu-Liu, Taiwan


Panu Reinikainen, Finland


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