International Coffee Day is right around the corner. Have you hung your decorations yet? Bellingham, Washington’s Camber Coffee is certainly celebrating and raising money for a good cause to boot. On Tuesday, September 29th, Camber will debut their brand-new limited release World Coffee Research Benefit Series of coffee, and for the inaugural offering, they’ve invited WCR’s Hanna Neuschwander to join for a talk on Instagram Live.

For the their first coffee in the series—dropping on International Coffee Day of course—Camber will be coming out of the gate with the Ethiopia Raro, which Camber co-founder David Yake describes as “a very special coffee that showcases the breadth of flavor and genetic diversity that coffees from Ethiopia hold.” Coming from the Uraga sub-region of Ethiopia’s Guji zone, the Raro represents more than just an interesting coffee, but a chance help further the mission of World Coffee Research. $10 of every bag sold will go directly to the WCR to help in their “global, collaborative work to ensure the future of coffee.”

And to this end, Camber has enlisted the help of cafes across the country, who will also be taking part in the fundraising. Participating cafes include Narrative Coffee, Milstead & Co, Dayglow, La Marzocco Cafe, Konbi, and many more.

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To celebrate the efforts and International Coffee Day, Camber has invited WCR’s Hanna Neuschwander to take part in an Instagram Live discussion about some of the WCR’s current research initiative as well as answer any questions attendees may have.

For more information on the Ethiopia Raro, the Instagram Live chat with Neuschwander, or to see a full list of participating cafes, visit Camber Coffee’s Instagram page.

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