In November of 2022, Weber Workshops is releasing a new iteration on its widely renowned coffee grinder, the EG-1. Since 2015 when the EG-1 was first introduced as the first super high end single-dosing grinder, it has gained a significant following throughout the specialty coffee industry. In 2019 the v2 was released, further cementing its position as the premier single-dosing coffee grinder. Today, Weber Workshops announces the third generation of the EG-1, the v3.

The EG-1 is a coffee grinder that was designed around 80mm flat burrs, specifically with single-dosing cafes and homes in mind. It was the first industrial coffee grinder to allow variable RPM control, and also the first to introduce a 5 micron stepped adjustment system for precise control while dialing-in espresso. The minimal (sub 0.1g) grind retention also allows for multiple coffees to be used in tandem without the need for cleaning or dialing- in between, saving both time and valuable coffee resources.


The v3 of the grinder has further improved upon its predecessor with a few key changes, the most visible of which is the introduction of a dedicated Purge button. Placed in the center of the RPM dial, the Purge button operates differently depending if the grinder is already running or stopped. If the grinder is stopped, depressing the button will rotate the burrs in reverse for 1 second, and then at full speed forward for 1.5 seconds. This is just enough to dislodge any small particles that may still be stuck in the burrs or the wipers, further improving the already minimal grind retention. Pressing the Purge while grinding temporarily maximizes the RPMs to purge the last few granules of coffee from within the burrs.

The insides of the grinder have also been revamped. With the enhancement of the electronics, Weber Workshops has endeavored on creating their own firmware that may be updated in the future as needed. With the creation of new burr geometries, updating the firmware in the future may optimize the RPM control and purge characteristics for specific burrs.

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Finally, in order to meet the rising demand, the production of the EG-1 has moved away from a batch pre-order system to continuous production. The continuous assembly should allow delivery times to be reduced from weeks or months to just days, and they plan to stock the grinders at their local distribution points in Taipei, North America (Nevada), Hamburg (for EU), and Melbourne. The new Hamburg base is being headed by Christian Klatt, WW Director of EU Operations (he/him/his, 2007 German Barista Championships, 10 years Mahlkonig training and education, 5 years List & Beisler green coffee trade, certified Q-grader).

Douglas Weber, the founder and CEO of Weber Workshops, mentioned that:
“The EG-1 is a rock solid platform that we are committed to improving and perfecting to match the changing needs of the specialty coffee industry. Further evolution of burr geometry may be improved even more by working in tandem with the brains of the machine, and we want to build in that flexibility for future generations.”

eg1 silver left v3

Used in conjunction with Weber’s Bean CellarsTM, an optimal workflow geared towards single-dosing can be achieved. Single-dosing allows coffee to stay fresher longer, and prevents the need for shops to re-dial-in their coffees offer the course of the day, saving both barista time and the valuable coffees they work with. The EG-1 remains the easiest-to-clean commercial grinder on the market, allowing full access to the burrs in a matter of seconds without the need for tools.

eg1 v3 masthead

Included with each EG-1 Purchase
• One EG-1 unit, either in Silver or ONYX color schemes.
• One Blind Shaker, color-matched to the unit.
• One EG-1 Platen (for self-centering of the Blind Shaker under the spout).
• One leather anti-scuff pad for spare Blind Shaker (auto-aligning shaker sits on rear shelf of base).
• Spare wiper blades (5 sets).
• One solid rosewood handle cleaning brush.
• One 1.8m style electrical cable regionalized for country (US, AU, EU, UK styles only)
• (Optional) – SSP burrs may be added for $200 (a $150 discount) if purchased together.

Other product details
• Price: $3895 (Silver), $4295 (ONYX)
• Size: 235mm, 245mm, 456mm h (9.25” length, 11″ width, 18″ high)
• Weight: 13.5Kg (30lbs),
• Electrical Compatibility: Designed to be usable anywhere in the world, 90-240v, plug-n-play with any C13 style cable. CE Certified.

For all press inquiries, please contact Weber Workshops at:

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About Weber Workshops

Weber Workshops was founded in 2014 by Douglas Weber, an Apple Product Design veteran with a deep passion for design, coffee and kitchenware. Dedicated to breaking the cycle of wasteful consumption, the company creates heirloom-quality instruments by rethinking and reimagining the products used in specialty coffee preparation.

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