In the United States, the first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day, a holiday with its history dating all the way back to World War I. To celebrate, we went to Portland, Oregon’s legendary Voodoo Doughnut, picked up the signature “Voodoo Doughnut” and made an affogato with it. We call it a Donutgato.

Here’s how to make one:

First, start with a doughnut. We chose the Voodoo Doughnut, a yeast doughnut shaped like a Voodoo doll with a pretzel for a needle and raspberry jam filling.


Next, take a big dollop of ice cream and plop it on top of the doughnut.



Then pour shots of espresso directly on top of the ice cream (get a little bit on the face for good measure.) For this we used a Mypressi Twist and Ceremony Coffee Roasters’ Rorschach Espresso.



Let it rest for a moment to allow the doughnut soak up some of the espresso/ice cream juices and voila! The Donutgato!


We recommend going straight for the guts.


How did you celebrate National Doughnut Day? Sound off in the comments below!