Oh Boing Boing, you make The Internet fun. Case in point, check out this delightful Cafe Sua video posted today by Mark Frauenfelder, featuring some seriously awesome late-60s Thai acid jazz / Mor Lam fusion.

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The video employs some freeze-dried pre-ground from Trung-Nguyen, whom the videoist at HighBeamFilms calls “The Vietnamese Starbucks”, but we know of a few places making Cafe Sua using some higher quality stuff. At Andy Ricker’s panopoly of Pok Pok restaurants, in both Portland and NYC, they use Stumptown’s Hairbender espresso blend. Meanwhile, at Downtown Portland’s essential pho and small plates snack spot Luc Lac, they use coffee from Courier Coffee Roasters, a charming PDX microroaster located across the street from Powell’s City of Books.

But Vietnamese coffee is a many-splendored thing, and we bet you that there’s lots of other places making a damn fine Cafe Sua in your neck of the woods. Know of a top-flight Vietnamese coffee near you? Sound off in the comments below!

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