For many, video games are a way to relax at the end of a stressful day. Some are able to shut out the outside world and immerse themselves in an RPG adventure or an FPS kill streak. Not me. Gaming is stressful, thanks in no small part to my own controller-based ineptness (which one is the shoot button again? Am I crouching?) Sure, maybe you can relax by saving Pittsburgh from aliens or talking to spirits roaming inside a cafe, but that ain’t me. I need something much more… chill. And I think I’ve found it. Coffee Talk is a narrative game that “focuses on quiet conversations and good company.” Chill.

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As reported by Kotaku, Coffee Talk is from Indonesian-based indie game developer Toge Productions, and it’s gameplay breaks down primarily into two categories: talking and making drinks. Very Chill.

Coffee Talk takes place in “Alternative Seattle” and according to the article, the clientele includes orcs, elves, and humans, ranging from “intrepid journalists to star-crossed fantasy-race lovers.” A 13-minutes gameplay video shows the mostly-dialogue-based interactions with Freya, the intrepid journalist of note who is trying to convince her boss to let her write long-form fiction. Her favorite drink is a triple espresso, which you have to make by filling each of the drink slots with coffee before pressing “brew.” But if you mess it up, don’t worry, you can just dump it and try again. Suuuper chill.

Currently in demo, Coffee Talk is available for Window and macOS via Toge’s official website, where you can name the price you want to pay. It’s the perfect sort of low stakes affair that I can really unwind to. But I’m not a full-time barista, so maybe beating the shit out of aliens is a better stress reliever having to come home and make more chit chat.

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