It’s finally time for USBC and SCAA Expo 2010 in Anaheim, California. USBC will hold their prelims Thursday and Friday, with semi-finals scheduled for Saturday. The final battle for glory will be held on Sunday, April 18th. The 9 Regional Barista Champions have automatic bids into the semis; in case you forgot, or missed out on’s coverage of the RBC’s this year, here’s a list of the competitors and their companies:

Northeast Regional Barista Champion
Danielle Glasky (Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

Western Regional Barista Champion
Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Company)

Midwest Regional Barista Champion
Mike Marquard (Kaldi’s Coffee)

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Great Lakes Regional Barista Champion
Mike Phillips (Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea)

Southeast Regional Barista Champion
Lemuel Butler (Counter Culture Coffee)

Northwest Regional Barista Champion*
Andrew Milstead (Urban Coffee Lounge)

Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Champion
Jeremy Sterner (Peregrine Espresso)

Mountain Regional Barista Champion
Greg Lefcourt (Ozo Coffee)

South Central Regional Barista Champion
Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici)

Events abound throughout the week and into the weekend: guest speakers at the symposium, a Thursday night throw-down, the sure-to-be-fabulous Intelligentsia “Escape From Anaheim”, and, of course, the amazing goodies and endless frozen chai available on the SCAA showroom floor. For more information about the events this week, we’ll direct you over to Barista Magazine’s blog, Pasteboard. They’re in Anaheim covering the event in advance of the USBC competition on Thursday. Your very own editors will be in attendance from Friday morning on, filming the proceedings, interviewing the competitors, and graciously allowing you to buy us cocktails.

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