Here it is! A complete look back at Day One from Round One at the 2013 United States Barista Championship. Photos by special photo correspondent Charlie Burt (KCMO native, on Twitter as @tiger_friend).’s 2013 United States Barista Championship coverage is made possible by direct support from our partners at Counter Culture Coffee and Nuova Simonelli.

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1.  Mike Morgenstern, Joe Coffee, NYC


9:18 “we spend 8 hours a day in our cafes – but our customers might spend only 5” – surely he means 5 minutes, not hours. it’s early.

9:21 “cola underneath, crystal clear body…look for a real nice cherry sweetness” @drmancandy on his @JoecoffeeNYC Finca La Vega espressos – learn more here via Joe Coffee NYC.

9:25 “i think of cappuccinos as a comforting beverage…take both of your hands to bring it to your mouth” – Mr. Morgenstern’s capps come with notes of “peanut butter cereal”…and a side of Man Candy.

9:33 sig drink is called ‘the front porch’ – an americano with green coffee distillate and 6 minute roast spray.

2. Charles Babinski, G&B, Los Angeles


9:38 “espresso is any wondrous thing that comes out of that machine over there”

9:40 mr. babinski competes at #USBC using @49thParallel Colombia El Descanso – “blackberry acidity & sweetness, cane sugar, and honey”

9:43 notes on proof of respect at #USBC – the audience for @charlesbabinski is packed with upcoming competitors

9:46 “our idea of what espresso is changes to suit the beverage it’s in” – Charles is pulling 70 grams out for his signature drink! “espresso as a canvas”, pairing that long shot w/ orange blossom honey; then a 30 gram shot w/ pom juice & sparkling water

3. Wolfgang Schaefer, Alterra Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee


9:55 “I gotta do some stuff first. i gotta take care of some biz. we’re gonna get to the coffee stuff but I gotta move fast.”

9:56 “david bowie is gonna help me. he’s an old professor of mine…we did a lot of flight studies together.”

9:57 mr. schaefer competes using @AlterraCoffee‘s Kenya Mukurwe  – “meyer lemon, apples & peaches, spicy like cardamom

10:02 “be grateful for everything you have. shut up and eat the damn lemon.”

10:03 “doing this is such a treat i think. or it’s really scary and daunting. man, this is gonna come down to the wire.”

Wolfgang gets two pictures.

10:05 sig drink: peach lemon honey emulsification, espresso w/ calcium salt, spherification! “coffee meringue egg yolk”, or “lemon meringue space coffee”

10:07 “HAVE FUN SPACE COFFEE TIME!” – our faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much.

4. Jonathen Liu, Cognoscenti Coffee, Los Angeles


10:30 mr. liu’s shop @cogcoffee is one of our very favorite in Los Angeles – great multiroaster in the Culver City neighborhood

10:37 mr. liu competes at using @heartroasters Colombia El Desarrollo – learn more here!

10:38 this is a pretty quiet, self-controlled routine on the big stage from @JonathenLewd here at #USBC – great music, focused, professional.

10:40 mr. liu calls time at 14 flat

5. Brenna Kail, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago


10:59 “today we’re going to start at the end – more importantly, the finish.”

11:01 ms. kail competes at using @Intelligenstia’s Colombia Tres Santos – click here for more info plz k thanks.

11:04 espresso: tart blueberry, fresh lemon zest, toffee zest – “lingering finish, low viscosity in the body”

11:13 ms. kail’s sig drink: caramel & tarragon sauce, Colombia Tres Santos espresso, blueberry & lemon zest simple syrup – two distinct sig drinks here from ms. kail – both set in gorgeous simple thin-stemmed glassware

6. Mickey Commerford III, Alterra Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee


11:20  Mr. Commerford mirrors his NCRBC routine, using @alterracoffee‘s Kenya Mukurwe – he’s playing Isaac Hayes vinyl live on stage for the #USBC judges

11:25 amaretto pastry notes in Mr. Commerford’s cappuccinos – shouts out Eileen’s Bakery near Buffalo as his inspiration

11:29 mr. commerford made his own amaretto paste for sig drink at #USBC – apricot kernals, confectioners sugar, whisked w/ espresso

11:32 mickey is a lot of fun to watch live – sort of guru-like, everything just so, and tons of perosnality

11:34 mr. commerford calls time at 15:37 – it’s been an @alterracoffee packed morning so far at #USBC in Boston – much milwaukee love.

7. Travis Beckett, Peregrine Espresso, Washington DC


advert but first coffee cookbook now available


11:42 mr. beckett competes w/ “the modern classic espresso” – 50% Nueva llusta and 50% Buf Cafe natural, by @counter_culture. Your Sprudge Editors visited Buf Cafe in Rwanda last summer with – read our trip report!

11:46 capuccino notes: ‘”black fig, unrefined honey, and graham cracker”

11:49 mr. beckett’s signature drink is a riff on the “classic american soda” – fizzy bubbles! who doesn’t love fizzy bubbles?

11:54 “this isn’t going to be like a commercial soda pop, full of fake sugars”

8. Nick Purvis, The French Press, Santa Barbara, CA


11:58 “one of my greatest passions is turning Flavor Seekers into Flavor Understanders” – Nick Purvis

12:04 mr. purvis competes using Verve Coffee Roasters Colombia Los Naranjos

12:06 Nick Purvis has got a citrus reamer on stage. he’s reaming. juice reaming.  “it’s absolutely delicious you guys”

12:11 Purvis sig drink: caramelized tangerine juice, red apple juice, & liquified cheesecake (marscapone, cold extracted coffee, cacao)

9. Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, NYC


12:22 ms. vigil competes using @irvingfarm‘s Orlando Osa, from Huila, Colombia – a 300 pound microlot

12:24 “some of my favorite coffees this year have been caturra, known for unique acidity and spice”

12:27 dominant cappuccino note: “chocolate pudding pop.” PUDDIN’!

12:31 there’s a cool kind of “educator” vibe in @tamakinsneb‘s stage presence – like a (rare) excellent grad student lecturer

12:35 ms. vigil calls time at 15:47

10. Logan Demmy, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH


12:41  mr. Demmy competes at #usbc W/ @cafeimports ACES Program Colombia Juan Perez

12:41 mr. Demmy’s routine is cupping-focused – each of his drinks are a riff on the cupping process

12:47 mr. demmy is hustling through a timer malfunction, time check delays – maintaining composure

12:55 some pretty unfortunate timing standard issues for @pourcolumbus and @onelinecoffee – not sure what time he called. no warnings given.

11. Frank La, Cafe Dulce, Los Angeles


12:59 Frank competes w/ @madcapcoffee Didier Reinoso, one of their “Reinoso Brothers” series – learn more!

1:11 “to me as a barista, this moment here is a launchpad – this is what I do.” – @flalessinhim calls time at 15:35

12. Anne Cooper, Dallis Bros. Coffee, NYC


1:16 Anne is the roaster at @dalliscoffee – her specialty coffee CV goes back 20 years and begins in Brisbane

1:17 this is a mirrored routine of Anne‘s routine at NERBC – same script, same Australian Mountain Top coffee

1:18 Mountain Top espresso: 36 hour fermenation, dried mechanically at low temps for 72 hours. Learn more about Australia’s Mountain Top Estate, from whence Anne’sBin 478 coffee originates:

1:20 hops, grape juice, mashed clementines, espresso, ice – an “espresso beer” with “hops a’hopping”

1:21 tiny beer mugs! Anne makes a 5th sig drink for herself to cheers alongside the judges

13. Ryan Redden, Portola Coffee Lab, Costa Mesa, CA


1:34 Mr. Redden competes with a @PortolaCoffee Ecuadoran coffee, sourced by @CafeImports

1:36 simplicity vs. complexity in this routine – multiple vessels, dry ice, and yet…a simple red gingham table cloth

1:42 sig drink = liquid nitrogen affogato – not exactly simple, but at least he didn’t bring the cryogenic tank on stage

1:45 mr. redden of @portolacoffee becomes the first competitor at #usbc to talk about roya – “it’s a difficult coffee to get into my hopper”

14. Robert Stofleth, Visions Espresso Service, Seattle


1:53 mr. stofleth’s routine focused around how choices and intentionality in the supply chain impact cup quality.

1:56 mr. stofleth’s coffee: Bolivia CENAPROC cooperative – 34 different producer components, caturra & typica, 1500-1800 meter “clean fruit flavors – cherry & raisin – with a soft, balancing acidity”

1:59 mr. stofleth’s sig drink includes “cherry caramel” – cherries reduced until becoming caramel like, diluted to an espresso texture. Those “cherry caramels” are added to blanched almonds, almond powder, brown sugar, and orange blossom water

2:07 “coffee quality is like a game of telephone. if one person drops then quality coffee is not possible.”

15. David Fasman, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis, MO


2:13 “tasting espresso hot is like trying to look at a painting with sunglasses on.” – GREAT script man

2:15 mr. fasman competes using a 2-part @kaldis_coffee blend: part 1 is Rwanda Rulindo –   and the other half is Bolivia Bolinda

2:22 mr. fasman’s sig drink: muddle dried fig juice, black grape juice, cold brew @kaldis_coffee Bolivia Bolinda, espresso, nitrous charge

16. Evan Collier, Flat Black Coffee Company, Boston


2:36 mr. collier is the only Bostonian competing here at #USBC

2:37 mr. collier competes using @flatblackcoffee Yemen Sanani – learn more:

2:38 “there are things we can do to increase the potential of Yemen while still honoring its traditions”

2:42 “Yemeni coffee is provincial, rustic, exotic, dynamic, never boring, and unforgettable”

17. Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI


2:54 “super sweet, orange peel citrus, and a butterscotch finish – syrupy round body” — Matthew on his espressos

3:02 “creamy rich body, a honey sweetness, and a little bit of that butterscotch” – butterscotch realness from mr. scott & @lemonjellos

18. Camila Ramos, Panther Coffee, Miami


3:13 Camila routine is progressing from cup to origin – we won’t know the name of the coffee she’s using til the end.

3:15 hey it’s a mypressi twist – Camila using it with cascara tea to extract coffee for her sig drink

3:20 ms. ramos talking the judges through maillard reaction, mimicking roasting notes with jasmine, sugar, & citrus

3:23 ms. ramos competes using a coffee from Rwanda’s Buramera region, roasted by @panthercoffee

19. Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee Roasters, Washington, DC


3:28 mr. corlett competes using @madcapcoffee‘s Didier Reinoso – a harvest from december & a harvest from july

3:32 “almond, sweet pastry, bittersweet chocolate, and a really round, really sweet finish”

3:35 moment of the day so far at #usbc@tjorlet softly rapping along to his soundtrack, pulling Didier Reinoso @madcapcoffee shots.

3:38 the conceit here in @tjorlet‘s #usbc routine is that “past crop” coffees aren’t always what they seem. December & July harvests to prove it

3:39 sig drink for @tjorlet = layered shots. bottom layer, new harvest with grapefruit. top layer, older harvest w/ maple syrup & egg white

20. Cara Zebroski, Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown, NY


3:51 Cara Zebroski competes using a coffee from the Roatan region in Honduras, the first-ever “Direct Trade” coffee for @coffeelabs

3:57 fudgy, bittersweet chocolate Honduran espressos from Cara Zeborski & @CoffeeLabs

4:03ms. zebroski’s sig drink is an homage to spanish and italian coffee traditions  “delicate, floral, just plain glorious”

21. Talya Strader, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, Chicago


4:07 “specialty coffee has gotten big! we no longer have to plan our vacations around where to find good coffee.”

4:08 ms. strader’s routine mimics (at least conceptually) her BCRBC routine – 3 unique coffees from 3 separate roasters.

4:09 first coffee from Tayla is @DarkMatter2521‘s San Jose Red Bourbon – learn more here.

4:13 spotted: tech judge @DanStreetman tapping his foot in time to @talyastrader‘s use of the Jackson Five.

4:15 ms. strader’s 2nd coffee = Yirgacheffe from Chicago’s own @BowTruss – capps with strawberry shortcake & neopolitan ice cream

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