Update: Missing Barista’s Body Found, Suspec...

Update: Missing Barista’s Body Found, Suspect In Custody

Very sad news tonight. Whitney Heichel, a 21-year-old Oregon barista who went missing after driving to her early morning shift, has been found dead in a wooded area near Gresham, a suburb of Portland. Police have arrested Jonathan Holt of Gresham as a suspect in her murder. More from NWCN:

Police say Holt was an acquaintaince who lived in the same apartment complex. Holt was arrested after being interviewed several times by police.

Police searched at Larch Mountain Friday for a third day Friday. The vehicle Heichel was driving had a missing license plate when it was located at a Wood Village Walmart. That license place was found at Larch Mountain, and that clue is what led police to search the area where her body was ultimately found.

We’ve been closely following updates over the last 48 hours, and how random, how horrible would it be, to say “Goodbye, I love you” to a spouse before they went work one morning, only never to be able to say it again. It’s a moment we share with our significant others every single day, and tonight we’re left shaken and saddened by just how fragile those moments can be.

We wish to send our condolences to Whitney Hiechel’s family, friends, and co-workers, and we’ll continue following this story as the diligent and professional authorities here in Oregon seek justice for Whitney.


  1. greg

    20 October

    But we gotta ask: when has Sprudge become a police blotter?

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