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We’re reporting to you live from Milan, getting set to cover & participate in Day One of the WBC All Stars event, but goodness gracious, there’s a lot happening at Host. Our partners at UNIC are here at Host in full force, pulling shots on the Stella DCL and showing off a couple of cool new products, plus hosting a daily cocktail hour open to the public. Let’s have a looky loo, shall we?

Single Shot Portafilter Baskets 

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“‘Being single is cool again” is the tag line here, accompanying UNIC’s new single-shot concave portafilter baskets. We saw the baskets make their first public debut at Barista Nation LA, and UNIC’s Sauro Dall’Aglio will be presenting on the technology again each day at Host beginning at 11am.

Dosamat Detector System

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This new technology is debuting at Host, and can automatically detect if your portafilter is a single or double basket, and grind coffee for that ratio accordingly. We’ll be checking out the Dosamat for ourselves later in the show, so be sure to follow @Sprudge on Instagram and Twitter for pics of the Dosamat in action.


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Make mine a double. In addition to being a professional barista and espresso machine guru, Sauro Dall’Aglio is also a highly accomplished bartender, having competed at numerous cocktail competitions across Europre before moving to the United States. Your Sprudge Editors have personally enjoyed cocktail service from Mr. Dall’Aglio on numerous occasions, and we’ve found his libations to be consistently innovative and delicious, frankly. You, too, can enjoy this cocktail service each day at Host, from 4pm til 5pm at the UNIC installation. We’ll see you there.

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