The Flatlanders Barista Cup has been announced by the fine folks at PT’s Coffee Roasting out of Topeka, Kansas. It’s the inaugural version of this new global specialty coffee event, bringing together baristas, the coffee-loving public,  and internationally renowned award-winning producers from Guatemala and El Salvador. Plus 2011 WBC champ Alejandro Mendez! 

Flatlanders Barista Cup will be a team-based competition with a total of thirty eager and willing baristas. Over the course of the weekend, teams will be tasked to triangulation cuppings, multiple cash prize latte art competitions, espresso blending, and drink preparation for a panel of judges. There’s even an essay component – challenging baristas to adequately market and sell their espresso through the power of the written word.

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Workshops and lectures will be held throughout the weekend from coffee producers and barista champions. All in all, the program looks incredible. We’re thrilled to be apart of it.

Want to compete? 

There’s a $99 buy-in and only thirty spots. Sign up here!

Want to watch?

The whole weekend is free for spectators. The event is over the weekend of October 26th-28th. Head over to PT’s on 17th and Washburn the evening of the 26th for the kick-off gala. PT’s will offer roast works tours on Sunday the 28th! is a proud sponsor of the first-ever Flatlanders Barista Cup, along with Nuova Simonelli, Urnex, Bunn, and many more. Watch for more info on Sprudge, including schedules and competition updates as they become available.

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