Toby’s Estate Brooklyn is dead! Long live Partners Coffee! In a Sprudge exclusive first look, Toby’s Estate, the Brooklyn-based roastery and its five accompanying cafes, have announced a complete rebrand. Starting tomorrow, April 6th, all Toby’s Estate New York roasters and cafes will be known as Partners Coffee.

In a statement sent to Sprudge, the rebrand is the last piece in a realignment for owners Adam Boyd and Amber Jacobsen, who see themselves and their company as soundly New York. Opened originally in 2012, Boyd and Jacobsen state that “the name Toby’s Estate originated from an Australian heritage that the team no longer identifies with, and the current muted, minimalist aesthetic no longer resonates with their dynamic, warm and unfussy brand ethos.” Thus, they decided to rebrand to Partners Coffee, to “better reflect the company’s Brooklyn roots and underscore their unwavering commitment to sourcing and roasting quality coffee.”

Toby’s Estate Brooklyn has always operated independently of the larger Australian parent company, and this rebrand solidifies the distinction. According to the statement, the new name allows the company to scale and operate fully independent cafes, both domestically and internationally.

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“After months of preparation, we are delighted to introduce our new name and brand identity, Partners Coffee,” say Jacobsen and Boyd tell Sprudge. “We are only as great as the sum of our partners, and we are excited to continue evolving and growing with a new look, feel and name that fully embodies who we are and what we stand for.”

For their new look, Boyd and Jacobsen worked with creative agency Love & War to an aesthetic that “evoke[s] heritage coffee brands and the classic energy, optimism and simplicity of mid-century New York coffee counters, but in a bold, colorful way that feels fresh and contemporary.” With the opportunity afforded by a complete refresh, Partners decided to team up with Savor Brands, “a bag producer that uses waste-free manufacturing and offers zero-waste compost solutions.” The used bags that are collected will be “shredded, pelletized and made into materials such as garbage bins and watering cans, and 100% of the collected bags are recycled- never landfilled or incinerated.”

The rebrand isn’t the end of the Partners nee Toby’s Estate Brooklyn evolution, just the next step, though it is perhaps the most visible one. Whereas the name Toby’s might have underscored who the owners and company were in 2012, the new moniker is a better representation of who they are in 2019. May each one of us continue to bloom and blossom and find our own paths here in the present day, and be called by the name that speaks our truth.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

All images via Partners Coffee

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