Tim Wendelboe of Tim Wendelboe is a Norwegian Swiss Army Knife: World Barista Champion, coffee roaster owner/operator, green-coffee buyer, noted speaker, and most recently, a South American moon-pod dwelling enthusiast. Wendelboe has been spotted staying in an incredible James-Bond-villain-esque lodge in Espírito Santo, overlooking Pedra Azul in Brazil.


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We reached out to Wendelboe for clarification–does this lair fire rockets, for example, like the volcano dome from You Only Live Twice?–but his current email auto-reply reads:


I am on vacation from the 29th of October until the 21st of November.
I will be in the Jungle in the Amazon and also in the mountains of Espirito, Santo in Brazil, so unfortunately I will not be able to respond to your email until I get back.

What we do know is that the moon pods have WiFi, which is great.

As to whether Wendelboe is retiring from coffee to take up a life of super-villainy, that story is Developing…

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