It’s easy to recreate the signature beverage from World Coffee In Good Spirits fifth place finalist Sang Moo Hyun of South Korea! All you need is a couple of key ingredients: booze, espresso, a chrysanthemum, an ornate treasure chest, a little scoop of dry ice, and pure magic. Impress your friends at home with this coffee cocktail—simply named “Cocktail”.


Sang Moo Hyun of Maris Coffee in Cheonan, South Korea displayed some highly theatrical drink work, throwing up mixers and and juggling bottles effortlessly. But it was the ornate treasure chest, with an aromatic chrysanthemum topped above dry ice, that really blew the audience away.


Wow, just look at it. That’s a treasure chest full of coffee cocktail, people. We are thrilled to bring you the recipe and directions so you can execute your own Sang Moo Hyun coffee cocktail at home.

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The Gear
An espresso machine
Cocktail mixer
An ornate treasure chest
Stemless wine glass

The Ingredients
Double espresso
15 ml Grand Marnier
30 ml homemade simple syrup
10 ml Chambord

Ice: Crushed
Garnish: Chrysanthemum atop a vessel of dry ice


Place ingredients in a cocktail mixer, top with crushed ice, mix, strain into stemless wine glasses. Place water over a cup of dry ice placed in a treasure chest, top with chrysanthemum, and nestle wine glass next to the smoking vessel, close the treasure chest, and serve.


Watch Sang Moo Hyun’s presentation below:

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Zachary Carlsen is an editor and co-founder at Sprudge. 

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