These espresso caramels look @deloshes. They’re from East Memphis and available online through ScoutMob. We’ve got a sweet tooth. Don’t make fun:

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Buttery soft caramel infused with espresso beans, house-made Tennessee whiskey vanilla extract and almond extract, finished with a sprinkling of hand-crushed espresso beans.


What of the coffee atop these buttery mouth-watering caramels?

The coffee beans found in our hand-crushed espresso caramels are 100% Costa Rican Tarrazu that have been masterfully roasted to a full city roast by Memphis based J. Brooks Coffee Roaster. Costa Rican Tarrazu beans are clean, welll-balanced, with a berry/citrus flavor, that is often sweet, wine-y and vibrant with a fine, bright acidity and a finish that reveals spice and chocolate undertones. They make a perfect compliment to our caramels.

But what does drooling cat think?


$10, ScoutMob.

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