If, like so many brands, you are trying to figure out a way to work coffee into your product, the best bet is to sneak it in with a little chocolate. Like, say, maybe sandwiched between two chocolate cookie/wafer/cracker/discs perhaps? And there is but one snack treat so fortunately positioned to take full advantage: the Oreo sandwich cookie, who have recently announced a brand new flavor, Java Chip.

As reported by MSN, Nabisco, maker of the Oreo and all its flavor incarnations, the Java Chip Oreo—which inexplicably aren’t called Joreos—will feature chocolate chips and a coffee-flavored crème sandwiched in between two chocolate wafers, which are apparently made with “real cocoa” like all other Oreos. I had no idea.

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According to CandyHunting, the “junk food news and reviews” site that broke the news of the new flavor, Java Chip Oreos will be out “very soon,” making it the third coffee-flavored Oreo to be released this year, completing the coffee snack cookie trilogy. Per MSN, earlier this year Nabisco released both a tiramisu Oreo—WITH two different types of cream in the middle—as well as the fudge-dipped Latte Creme Oreo Thins.

The only thing left to be seen is how the new Java Chip Oreo will affect the coffee accoutrement market. Will it disrupt the stranglehold the Biscoff cookie has on coffee dunkables? It’s not like anyone is flying anymore—where the vast majority of Biscoffing takes place—perhaps there will be a shift in the balance of coffee-flavored power. I for one would not turn down a Java Chip Oreo to be dunked into a latte, cappuccino, or whatever milk-based coffee drink was being offered alongside it. Or what if, and hear me out, Oreo and Biscoff joined forces via a healthy layer of Biscoff cookie butter slathered on top of a Java Chip Oreo? I think maybe the world isn’t ready for such a thing. But we can all dream.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

Top image via Nabisco

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