It’s officially wedding season—and it’s a busy wedding season. To celebrate, dissect, wreck asunder, and analyze with aplomb, your intrepid No Free Refills hosts Tymika Lawrence and Ezra Baker are here. Join them as they sip coffee while discussing their favorite wedding reality shows, catered food served cold, venues, dresses that look good for her, and so much more. Are those wedding bells I hear? Or is it just your phone? You were supposed to put that on silent!

On this week’s episode Ezra Baker drinks Ethiopia Bishan Dimo from Bolt Coffee Co. brewed with the Coldwave iced coffee brewer.

Tymika Lawrence drinks a naturally processed coffee from the Muungano Cooperative of the Democratic Republic of Congo from Atlas Coffee Importers.

This episode of No Free Refills takes a poly approach to wedding-related reality television content, mentioning a panopoly of nuptial-themed programming, because there is just so much of it you might as well bring a date.

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Shows Mentioned

Say Yes To The Dress
Married At First Sight
Four Weddings
90 Day Fiancé
Love Is Blind

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