Though it doesn’t kick off til the middle of next month, we’re super-intrigued by the lineup of panelists at this year’s New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association Symposium event. Presented in concert by the NZSCA and Huhtamaki, this year’s symposium features must-see programming around a single, perhaps controversial theme: “There’s No Such Thing As A Crowded Market.”

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Featured speakers include Australian natural cosmetics magnate Sarah Gibbs, Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea co-CEO Doug Zell, and Stephen Leighton, owner of Has Bean Coffee UK and co-founder of Tamper Tantrum, who will be presenting one of the most titularly titillating talk titles in recent specialty coffee memory: “Swimming In A Sea of Shit – Standing Out Through Quality”.

NZSCA Symposium 2012 begins at 9am on Thursday, November 15th, with an opening dinner presented the evening before. Pricing from $550, which includes a variety of refreshments and all manner of delicious coffee. Check out their sweet graphics below:

Learn more about the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association here, and check out a full list of Symposium ticketing options here.

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