Anyone who has dialed in an espresso, tasted his or her own shots endlessly in prep for competition, been on one of those epic cafe crawls the old folks wrinkle their nose at, or simply trained in the back knows the feeling of drinking too much espresso. When watching this video that’s all we can think of…we get those over-caffeinated flashbacks.

1. The two actors don’t get espresso teeth (the temporary browning of teeth) so they’re obviously faking it.

2. Joe NYC was the inspiration for this video. Via FRSHGRND:

“Joe opened a shop near my apartment a few years ago. I began going every morning, and soon twice a day. One day I was there in my early-morning pre-caffeine stupor, and as I sipped from my 4 oz. cup of deliciousness the world came slowly into focus – colors became more vivid, sounds more resonant – and for those precious few moments, my entire world was infused with that wonderful little caffeine buzz. In that blissed-out state, I thought: I have to make a music video about this! I called a friend of mine – Alan Smith – a brilliant filmmaker whose obsessive coffee needs rival my own. He, of course, loved the idea – so we got to work.”