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Last fall we brought you a first look at the KeepCup Brew, the new glass reusable cup from our friends and partners at the Melbourne-based company. KeepCup Brew made its public debut last weekend at the London Coffee Festival, and is preparing to launch in North America at the SCAA Event in Seattle. We got an early chance to play with the final product, presented here in an editorial lifestyle pictorial shot by Assistant Editor Alex Bernson at our North Portland forest redoubt.

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Those cork bands are limited edition and will be offered for North American launch, with a wide variety of colored silicone bands also available. The product is shown here in small and medium sizes, retailing at $24 and $26. The lid colors pictured here are “latte” and “soft charcoal”. We’re framing this Brew-y duo with Pendleton’s Yellowstone National Park blanket.

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The medium KeepCup Brew comfortably supports an Aerobie Aeropress, among other manual brew methods. We’re showing it here with coffee ground in a Baratza Vario-W grinder, and with hot water byย Bonavita.

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Included with the KeepCup Brew is a small booklet, outlining the brand’s history, size and product availability, and commitment to reusability. It includes information on KeepCup’s partnership with Coffee Kids, a global charity that develops projects to promote health, education, economic diversification, food security, and capacity building across Latin America. Brew is photographed above with a Japanese pink ceramic pot by Alder & Co., Ruby Rinn necklace by Claire Kinder for Catbird, and pink tourist mug from Harrods.

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All sealed up, the mugs are great for dashing out on the go, once you’ve grabbed your keys — but not before you finish leafing through copies ofย Middlewest Issue No. 2ย and God Kaffe. Pre-order for the KeepCup Brew is now available online, shipping worldwide on April 14th.

Photography by Alex Bernson forย 

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