The Flat White—a steamed milk and espresso beverage that’s taken the world by storm—has a checkered history in the pantheon of coffee drinks. Was it invented in Australia? New Zealand? No one knows for sure.

One thing we do know is that the Coffee Supreme Flat White Chocolate Bar, a confectionary made in collaboration with Wellington’s world-famous Whittaker’s, hails from New Zealand as a conceptual home (albeit with contributions from further afield). The white chocolate bar is fused with coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia, and pairs well with an actual flat white. Inspired baristas have even melted it down to make a Flat White Chocolate Mocha.

Whatever you think of the flatty—scourge of the industry, beloved novelty, or really just a latte by any other name—a flat white chocolate bar sounds pretty irresistible to us. To find out more, we spoke with the team at Coffee Supreme digitally.

coffee supreme flat white chocolate bar 4

Tell us about this collaboration—who is the chocolate maker you worked with for the Flat White Chocolate bar?

We worked with world-famous, well at least in the Southern hemisphere, Whittaker’s to create the Flat White block. Whittaker’s know chocolate and we know coffee, so we left the chocolate connoisseur-ing to them, while we provided guidance with which coffee we thought would be best.

Can you describe the chocolatey details?

28% Cocoa, it’s white chocolate to ensure that milky flat white goodness comes through.

What method is used to infuse the chocolate with coffee?

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Whittaker’s combine our coffee beans with cocoa butter in a grinder, before adding it to the chocolate to ensure a smooth meltaway flavor.

coffee supreme flat white chocolate bar 2

What coffee did you use for this?

We put our Ethiopia, Sidamo forward for the job and have never looked back.

What’s the best way to enjoy this bar?

At the roastery, we like to crack open a block and share it around with a round of flatties—a common occurrence on a Wednesday arvo.

What’s the most inventive way you’ve enjoyed this bar?

Rumor has it, that it makes for a great mocha.

We have to ask the question on everyone’s mind here: who *actually* invented the flat white chocolate bar—NZ or Australia?

Controversial! Disclaimer: our answer is specific to the Flat White block—we’ll play no part in the ongoing flat-white-inventor feud. The Flat White block was created in Wellington, a brainchild of Whittaker’s.

Where is this available?

In New Zealand, it’s available on our online store and at your local dairy (that’s what we call corner stores) or supermarket. In Australia, it can be a little harder to come by, but you can always find it on our website.

I’m in the US. Can this chocolate bar ship internationally?

We sure can, you can hop online here.

Thank you!

Learn more about the Flat White Chocolate from Whittaker’s and Coffee Supreme here.

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