Consider the Kit Kat Duo Mocha & Chocolate. Launched in late 2020, the bar is part of Kit Kat’s new “Duos” line, alongside other flavors like Mint Dark Chocolate—with two separate layers of flavored coating. We’re of course interested in the Kit Kat Duo Mocha & Chocolate for its place in the growing pantheon of coffee snacks. But how does the Kit Kat Duos Mocha & Chocolate measure up?

Kit Kat Duo Mocha & Chocolate first impressions

First, let’s address the name: Mocha and Chocolate. This, to us, a coffee blog, feels redundant—reductive even. Hershey, you could save us all a lot of trouble by simply calling it Kit Kat Duo Mocha.  The Mocha, as we define in this helpful explainer, is a coffee beverage that contains chocolate. But you didn’t come here to read about us quibbling over the name, so let’s talk about what really matters.

kit kat top

The package says the bar has “crisp wafers in mocha créme with coffee bits and chocolate”. The bar is topped with a tan be-fleckled coffee-flavored cream and has a chocolate bottom. The appearance of the bar is unexpectedly light—tan, even—the result being as though Kit Kat had dressed up for the day in a khaki linen suit.

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The bite and crunch are classic Kit Kat but immediately upon tasting there’s that familiar, papery “instant coffee” flavor found in commercial coffee ice creams and the new Coffee & Coca Cola. The fine people at Hershey are flavor experts—it’s a wonder they haven’t been able to chemically craft a better-tasting coffee flavor. It’s 2021! The sweetness helps mute this—and the lower layer of chocolate lifts what otherwise would be another disappointing coffee candy.

kit kat duo

Does the Kit Kat Duo Mocha & Chocolate have caffeine?

Perhaps the most important question—does this coffee-flavored candy bar actually have caffeine? The answer is a resounding yes, but not as much as you’d probably like. According to The Hershey Company, the 42 gram / 1.5oz bar contains 7.5 mg of caffeine—you’d need to eat ten bars to equal an eight-ounce cup of coffee.

kit kat closeup

What are people saying about it?

This chocolate bar gets alarmingly high ratings across the board—The Kit Kat Duo Mocha & Chocolate has an average 4.7 star rating on, JunkBanter gives it a 9.5 out of 10, and over on Amazon, with over 487 reviewers as of press time, give it an average 4.7 star review. This means it’s an incredibly popular coffee snack! For us we’re not sure the promise delivers on the hype—we thought the Kit Kat Mocha Duo was just okay.

Are we out of touch? Has the whole world gone topsy turvy? Can’t we all just enjoy a normal Kit Kat and drink a regular cup of coffee? Those aren’t rhetorical questions—and the answer to all three is yes.

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