Antarctica is no stranger to caffeine obsessed adventurists. During the icy continent’s hottest days of exploration, all three of the great Terra Nova explorers – Amundsen, Scott, and yes, even Ernest Shackleton, who’s mostly remembered for miraculously not dying – brought tins of pre-ground coffee with them to bottom of the earth. Flash forward to 2012: American David Hochman travels to Antartica with the National Geographic Explorer program and blogs (on!) about brewing with Tonx’s “brew anywhere on earth” travel kit. Talk about some extreme press, Tonx!

Hochman brrrr-rews! (Forbes)

It was a sunny day in Antarctica but chilly as always. My wife and I had just returned from a hike up the ridge of Spigot Peak on the peninsula proper, and therefore part of the Antarctic continent itself. A few dozen passengers had taken Zodiac boats from the ship to the landing spot on the icy shore, and we walked past a colony of chinstrap penguins before making the thousand-foot climb to the summit. Stunning, amazing, marvelous, and more than a little exhausting. Tonx coffee was our reward.

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