The above video was spotted on Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment BoingBoing channel. From director Casimir Nozkowski, it’s a short featurette about Caffe Capri (427 Graham Avenue) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, owned and operated by Sarah Devita and Joe Rinaldi. Sarah and Joe have worked behind the bar for thirty-six years serving up what some call the best iced coffee in all of New York City.

Blog Vanishing New York interviews Mr. Nozkowski, and asks how Caffe Capri compares to the other Williamsburg cafes:

I … prefer the mellow atmosphere and the curated music-scape there. I don’t normally go for Sinatra, but at Caffe Capri it’s so appropriate and so clearly music that the owners, Joe and Sarah, enjoy, you can’t help but dig it. They don’t have wi-fi and that’s kind of nice, too. It forces me to really stay off my computer when I go there. I write by hand when I’m there, or if I do bring my laptop to do some writing, it’s nice being free of the Internet. All that being said, the newcomer shops definitely have their place. If Caffe Capri is closed, I’ll go to Blue Bottle. They make a mean New Orleans (a lightly sweet iced coffee).

Sarah and Joe, the couple who own Caffe Capri, offer a fascinating perspective on customer service and the owner-operator lifestyle – a perspective that should speak to anyone who owns their own business or works in coffee. Regardless of whatever “wave” you want to put them in, how could you not think it’s awesome that these people have been serving coffee in the space for 30 years. The neighborhood has changed so much around them, but they’re still completely dedicated to it, as their clientele are so obviously dedicated to them.

There’s more coffee content to be found on BoingBoing Virgin America, as the channel’s host segments and in-between introductions are all shot in Los Angeles at Intelligentsia Venice, and several Intelli baristas have been featured. Check the BoingBoing channel out next time you fly Virgin America.