On Thursday, August 9th, a crowd of no fewer than 175 people gathered together at the Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters cafe space on the top floor of SFMoMA for our fourth in an ongoing series of public cupping events. We reached out to dozens of roasters from across the state of California, and the results were simply stunning. With stunning cup wares by notNeutral and essential cupping supplies from Sweet Maria’s, we were able to table 42 individual coffees from 17 different roasters.

California’s own Wilbur Curtis Co. were on hand with their Gold Cup brewer, as were the folks at HG-One Hand Grinders and Fair Trade USA, who provided a select tasting of FT certified liquors. A sincere thank you to all of the participating roasters, to our gracious hosts at Blue Bottle and SFMoMA, and especially to our on-site support staff (Bennett, Sara, Benjamin, Selina, Lauren, Alex, Leah, of course Jenny and Stephen, plus anyone else we’re leaving out). This was by far our biggest event yet – it may very well have been the largest public cupping in human history.

The following is a full list of what was served on our table for Cupping California. Feel free to click on the quick-buying links to learn more and bring these remarkable coffees to your home. Viva California!


Ritual Roasters, San Francisco – Costa Rica Los Crestones: El Alto, Colombia El Guamo

De La Paz Coffee Roasters, San Francisco – Colombia San Sebastian, Costa Rica Salaca Dos Pinos ML, Ethiopia Kochere

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Sightglass Coffee Roasters, San Francisco – Ethiopia Teklu Dembel Ch’elelek’tu, Guatemala Hunapu Antigua, Costa Rica Finca Genesis

Flying Goat Coffee, Healdsburg – Costa Rica Santa Lucia, Colombia La Esmeralda, Guatemala Hacienda Carmona Pulcal

Sweet Maria’s, Oakland – Ethiopia Guji Shakiso, Ethiopia Camp, Guatemala Rosma,

Equator Coffees, San Rafael – Panama Los Cantares, Ethiopia Sidama Watadera [Fair Trade, Organic]

Taylor Maid Farms, Sonoma County – Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, Mexico Pluma Real, Nicaragua Paraiso

, San Francisco – Ethiopia Debello

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Sacramento – Costa Rica El Cipres Helsar De Zarcer0, Panama Lerida Estate, Honduras Las Capucas

Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Oakland –  Aida Battle Selection Finca La Florida Los Tanques [Kenya Style], ABS Finca La Florida Orange Bourbon, ABS Finca La Florida Los Tanques [Ethiopia Style], ABS Finca La Florida Los Tanques [Natural]

Barefoot Coffee, Santa ClaraTanzania Songea Kusini Peaberry

Four Barrel Coffee Roasters, San Francisco – Honduras La Espana, Ethiopia Gera Yukro

Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz – Guatemala Pulcal, Panama Elida Estate [Green-tip Geisha special edition!]


Klatch Coffee Inc., Upland – El Salvador Orange Bourbon Varietal, El Salvador San Francisco Natural

Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles – Ethiopia Doyo, Ethiopia Limu Union

Augie’s Coffee Roasters, Redlands – Ethiopia Idido Cooperative, El Salvador San Juan Bosco, Guatemala Finca La Soledad

Handsome Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles – El Salvador Finca Tanzania, Ethiopia Idido Cooperative, Ethiopia Konga Cooperative

Thank you again to everyone involved in making this wild night a huge success, all of our participating sponsors, and especially the Blue Bottle and SFMoMA staff who helped us realize the vision for this event (then stayed late to help clean up!)

And the city of San Francisco and state of California, your wonderful coffee community, your dedicated sourcing minds and immensely talented roasters, we sincerely thank you too.

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