Twitter user @ColdBrew420 is a national, no, international coffee internet treasure. Since launching in 2014, the handle has effectively meme-ified, skewered, and emoji’d the specialty coffee industry within an inch of its life, but always with a winking charm that lets you know deep down you are theย bae.

@ColdBrew420 is the specialty coffee equivalent of @BrandsSayingBae, but rather than document the foibles of erstwhile brands attempting Twitter teenspeak, CB420 adds to the din, proving once and for all that in 2015 coffee is what’s on fleek. We are not responsible for the Twitter account but are huge, huge fans. So today, in honor of both Cold Brew Day and 4/20, it falls upon us to feature 420 of our favorite @ColdBrew420 tweets.

Dem Tweets tho.

In true 4/20 status we’re starting to lose interest in achieving the original claims of this article. It’s beautiful outside…surely nobody actually wants hundreds of these things compiled…maybe a few more Tweets then go for a walk? Sounds good. Back to the Tweets.

It pretty much just goes on like this, for months and months, with equal parts brand badgering, existentialist dread, and Cold Brew normative aphorisms. Will @ColdBrew420 finally get the girl(s)? Will @ColdBrew420 eventually force Four Barrel to pay attention? We aren’t actually going to list out four hundred and twenty individual Tweets because like…not even CB420 wants that.

But we do implore you: go follow @ColdBrew420 on Twitter and make friends with speciality coffee’s weirdest, best, and inarguably most turnt social media handle. You’re welcome.

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