The Specialty Coffee Association has announced the final stop for the 2021 World Coffee Championships season with the inclusion of the Taiwan International Coffee Show in Taipei.

Taking place November 19th through 22nd at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, the Taiwan International Coffee Show will play host to three world-level events: Coffee in Good Spirits, Latte Art, and the Roasters Championship.

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This will round out the 2021 season, which begins in Greece in late June with World of Coffee Athens hosting the four other competitions: the Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters, and Cezve/Ibrik Championship. For more, check out our updated flow chart:

Flow Chart

As the SCA notes in the announcement, Taiwan has a history of success at the World level of competition. Including amongst the 15 World Coffee Championships finalists to have represented Taiwan are four World Champions: 2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion Jacky Lai, 2014 World Cup Tasters Champion Pang-Yu Liu, 2016 World Barista Champion Berg Wu, and 2017 World Brewers Cup Champion Chad Wang.

Visit the Taiwan International Coffee Show official website for more details.

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