Today’s 2012 Panama Esmeralda Especial Auction earned Hacienda Esmeralda an estimated $806,133. You can check out our earlier feature on the auction for a little context, and here’s some highlights from the bidding action:

The top high bid for the natural processed Esmeralda was $66, paid SAZA Coffee of Japan, for one of two lots of Esmeralda’s Mario Natural coffee, harvested in February in the Jaramillo region at 1,500-1,700 meters. This price exceeds the highest price paid in last year’s washed Esmeralda auction, which was $51.50 from the WATARU Group for OGAWA Coffee.

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Giuli Coffee Ltd. purchased the other lot of Mario Natural, for a per-pound price of $65.50.

Five lots from two natural processed batches of Esmeralda were on auction; the second, dubbed Colgá Natural, topped out at $37 even, again from the WATARU Group.

Read a full listing here, via StoneWorks Specialty Coffee Auction.

Correction: Originally quoted total bids at $1,585,416. This was inaccurate.

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