The $806,133 Esmeralda Special Auction

The $806,133 Esmeralda Special Auction

Today’s 2012 Panama Esmeralda Especial Auction earned Hacienda Esmeralda an estimated $806,133. You can check out our earlier feature on the auction for a little context, and here’s some highlights from the bidding action:

Top high bid for the natural processed Esmeralada was $66, paid SAZA Coffee of Japan, for one of two lots of Esmeralda’s Mario Natural coffee, harvested in February in the Jaramillo region at 1,500-1,700 meters. This price exceeds the highest price paid in last year’s washed Esmeralda auction, which was $51.50 from the WATARU Group for OGAWA Coffee.

Giuli Coffee Ltd. purchased the other lot of Mario Natural, for a per-pound price of $65.50.

Five lots from two natural processed batches of Esmeralda were on auction; the second, dubbed Colgá Natural, topped out at $37 even, again from the WATARU Group.

All of the Esmeralda natural processed coffees were purchased by Asian buyers, but if you live outside of the Asia, there’s still plenty of tasty, washed Esmeralda headed your way, from buyers like George Howell Coffee Company, Stumptown, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, The Coffee Collective, and the green wholesale & importers at InterAmerican, one of the largest volume buyers at this year’s Esmeralda auction.

Read a full listing here, via StoneWorks Specialty Coffee Auction.

Correction: Originally quoted total bids at $1,585,416. This was inaccurate.


  1. Price

    16 May

    I want to thank Sprudge for its comments , especially before the auction. We had been receiving some not so nice comments about experimenting with naturals and, frankly, we share a lot of the doubts. Our souls have not been sold and we will continue to hold quality as our aim. However, there do seem to be some folks who appreciate very well done naturals.
    Thanks Sprudge.

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