If you’re anything like me, you’re currently sheltering at home, trying to find some to work while also coming up with new—and hopefully educational—ways to entertain your children, plural. (Lord, beer me strength.) Luckily, the folks at Stumptown Coffee have provided a fun activity just for the kiddos in your life… or the less-coffee-knowledgeable adults.

Created by roaster Kyle Larson, “Coffee” is a Google Slides-based activity that will take your little beans on a coffee journey, beginning with the plants an ocean away all the way to the cup that transform mommy and daddy from grump monsters to normal humans in the morning. Growing, processing, sourcing, roasting, and brewing, the 35-page slideshow goes over every step of the supply chain in an easily understandable and visually engaging way.

And if those little scamps think they can just breeze through the slides without ingesting the information and then get back to playing Myst or whatever is hot on those gaming boxes these days, they have another thing coming. And that thing is a pop quiz. To help you make the most out of this activity (and by that I mean “give you as much free time as possible to get some work done”), we have put together 10 questions to test and see how closely they were paying attention. Only after scores of 80% or better can they get back to figuring out how to use the telescope in Riven, because again, kids love meandering adventure puzzle games that don’t provide you with any real sense of the rules, what is going on, or what the objective even is.

But before moving directly to the quiz below, follow the link here to view “Coffee”. Then come back and let’s get quizzin’! [wpViralQuiz id=161667]

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