Sprudge.com is excited to report that Paramount Coffee Project, the daring, high-concept specialty coffee bar and content haus, is expanding operations to Los Angeles in 2015. A collaboration between Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds (Melbourne), Russell Beard of Reuben Hills (Sydney), and business partner Ping Jin Ng, PCP is known internationally for hosting a series of daring coffee salons at their flagship space in Sydney’s Surry Hills. In addition to a daily cafe service featuring top roasters from around the world, past PCP Sydney guests have included the team behind Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective and G&B Coffee’s Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville.


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PCP LA will be located at 456 North Fairfax, in the former space of 3 Amigos Produce, less than a block from the iconic Canter’s Deli. Speaking with Sprudge via email, co-founder Russell Beard confirmed that PCP LA will be a permanent space, with the team having “signed a long lease” on their Fairfax location. Los Angeles coffee drinkers (and global visitors) can expect “residencies, takeovers, events” and more from PCP LA, including an innovative series that invites multiple roasters to put their spin on a single lot of green coffee.


Coffee offerings will vary throughout the cafe’s life, but expect regular access to top coffees from roasters across the planet, including Beard and Dundon’s own Reuben Hills, Seven Seeds brands from Australia, and top European PCP favorites like Coffee Collective and Tim Wendelboe. Perhaps best of all, Brand, Dundon and company will be bringing elements of PCP’s high-flying food program with them to Los Angeles, offering a true Australian-style integrated cafe experience to the city of Los Angeles.

To further the cultural bridge this project represents, PCP LA is being designed by Sydney-based architect Alana Cooke, with graphic design by We Buy Your Kids, also of Sydney. “With building a project in a new country and new city, the process of design needed to be taken back to square one,” Mark Dundon told Sprudge. “Los Angeles has such a great energy about it,” Mr. Dundon elaborated, “especially in the hospitality scene. Being closer to Latin American producers and US roasters, as well as [taking advantage of] improved freight charges should allow us to be quite diverse in our coffee approach.”

PCP Los Angeles is due to open in early summer 2015. Meanwhile, upcoming PCP Sydney guests include Sang Ho Park of Square Mile Coffee in London, Sprudgie Award winner Rachel Peterson of the internationally renowned Hacienda Esmeralda in Panama, and representatives of Guatemala’s Anacafe. Learn more about these events here.

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