Because you need to watch a coffee video today, here’s a great one from Dormans, a premiere coffee trading company based in Kenya. The video was created by What Took You So Long?, a fascinating “guerilla filmmaking” outfit whose travels have taken them “from Mauritania to Mongolia, through Papua New Guinea, and with a detour to Central America.” They’re TED veterans, having organized recent TEDx events in Mogadishu and Baghdad, naturally.

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You can really go down the rabbit hole with their project, so seriously, click the link and learn more. As for Dormans, their coffees are enormously respected by a wide variety of specialty coffee green buyers, and you’ll find their coffees roasted and served at some of the best coffee bars around the world. We recently featured a wide selection of Dormans offerings at our massive Kenya Dig It? cupping partyย in Chicago, including no fewer than 9 coffees from event hosts Intelligentsia.


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