The dehydrated gravy train keeps on rolling for Sudden Coffee. In a press release issued today, the instant coffee brand announced that have been funded by Y Combinator as part of the investment firm’s Winter 2017 batch.

Though one of the only food investments Y Combinator is making this go round, it is no stranger shelling out cash for food tech. As the release states, they have previously invested in companies like Soylent, the meal replacement shake (that comes in a coffee flavor) that may or may not nourish an unnamed Sprudge cofounder during competition season.

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This new cash influx has allowed Sudden Coffee to scale production, resulting in a drop in price for the consumer; co-found and two-time Finnish Barista Champion Kalle Freese states in an email to Sprudge that the price point is now $2.37 per cup, which is drastically lower than the original $6.00 sticker from the company’s nascence.

After this second round of funding, we can say for sure exactly who our coffee tech overlords are, and I for one welcome them. And be on the look out for Freese’s inevitable appearance on HBO’s Silicon Valley later this season. Will he play an eccentric Finnish tech billionaire who snorts God rails of dehydrated coffee with Erlich Bachman? Only time will tell.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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