Tomorrow is April 20th, colloquially known as 420, a holiday you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, tomorrow is National Cold Brew Day, which definitely started by Stumptown as a joke, but is now being treated as a real thing by thirsty cold brew marketers worldwide. To help slake that thirst, Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a special release just for you. For one day only, Stumptown will be selling a new CBD Cold Brew Elixir.

CBD cold brew is hardly a new product. Not a week goes by where I don’t feed the trash folder in my inbox news of some start-up disrupting the cold brew market with a disruptive addition of CBD to a disruptive new cold brew nitro can or whatever. But Stumptown’s take on the form is a lot of fun, and will be appearing in an extremely limited drop timed for 4/20.

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Available only in their Portland stores (excluding the airport), Stumptown’s CBD Cold Brew Elixir is a collaborative effort with East Fork Cultivars, “one of Oregon’s leading craft hemp and cannabis farms,” per the press release. The three-ounce drink pairs the coffee company’s original Cold Brew concentrate—which is twice the strength of their regular Cold Brew—with 15mg of USDA organic “water soluble CBD extract.”

CBD Cold Brew Elixir is a 420 exclusive product with an extremely limited run; only 1,000 total bottles are being made available for purchase. Each three-ounce bottle will cost the exact price we all expect it to: $4.20 (which makes you wonder why it isn’t a 4.20 ounce bottle).

So tomorrow if you’re looking to dabble with a doobie or get trippy with a tipple, head on over to any non-airport Portland Stumptown location and get you a mellow high.

For more information, visit Stumptown Coffee‘s official website.

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Top image via Stumptown Coffee Roasters

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