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Now we say it all the time, but this is truly a nice package from Steadfast Coffee in Nashville, TN. Teaming up with a guy who works with Google Creative for design help was smart, but it’s the brand’s approach to tasting notes, information sharing, a “the highest point of transparency” that has us taking notice. We love all nice packages, of course, but they’re not all created equal. This one is more than just nice—it’s nice.


As told to Sprudge by Sean Stewart. 


When did this nice package debut? 

The bags went live at the beginning of October of this year!

Who designed the package?

The packaging was designed by Matt Delbridge out of New York City who is a part of Google Creative and the Makeout marketing agency. Makeout built our whole brand identity, and you can see more work from Matt on his Behance page.


Please describe the look in your own words!

All of our brand identity revolves around classic, timeless, clean, inspiring ideals. So I would say classic, clean, and inspiring.

What coffee information do you share on the package? What’s the motivation behind that?

We purposefully kept the info on the package simplistic so that we wouldn’t take away from the simple/clean look for the bags themselves. We offer up Coffee Name (Generally farm name, producer, or mill or whichever is the highest point of transparency), Country, Altitude, Three tasting notes that highlight the three most transparent qualities of the coffee, and Varietal.


Where is the bag manufactured?

The bags were manufactured by Pacific Bag.

For package nerds, what *type of package* is it?

It is a one-way valve, foil-lined matte white finish that is a 12-16oz stock size. Our end game is to use a one-way valved, foil-lined block bottom 12 oz stock size bag with more sleek front- and back-mounted info stickers.


Is the package recyclable? Any other pro-environment info about the package you want to share?

This packaging in particular doesn’t have any environmentally safe features, but our long-term goals are to include this.


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