Coffee competition fans, rejoice! The 2019 US Coffee Champs season begins this coming weekend with the first of two qualifying events, and Sprudge Live will be there covering all the action live. We’re thrilled to bring our industry leading coverage of the US Coffee Champs tournaments to the Denver Qualifying Event, happening December 1st-2nd at the National Western Complex (4655 Humboldt Street).

Sprudge Media Network’s coverage of the 2019 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Joe Glo and Mahlkönig. All of SprudgeLive’s 2019 competition coverage is made possible by Acaia, Baratza, FaemaCafe Imports, and Wilbur Curtis.

Sprudge is an official media partner of US Coffee Championships, and we’ll be covering the event all weekend long across a couple of different coverage nodes. Sprudge Live’s media team in Denver, and throughout the 2019 season, is helmed by Charlie Burt (lead photographer), Elizabeth Chai (multimedia director), and Zac Cadwalader (producer).

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Sprudge Live — Our dedicated website to coffee competitions is back covering the US Coffee Champs slate. Visit Sprudge Live daily for smart schedules, original photography, routine recaps, leaderboards and much more live from Denver.

Instagram — Follow @Sprudge on Instagram for candid coverage all weekend long from Denver. Expect behind the scenes glimpses, eye-catching photos, and revealing, immersive moments from the show floor.

Sprudgecast — Subscribe to the Coffee Sprudgecast for upcoming podcast content produced live from the Denver event

Twitter — The much-loved @SprudgeLive Twitter coverage of the 2019 season is back! Follow Sprudge Live for play-by-play—really so much of it—live from the showfloor in Denver, and at all events all season long.

Every bit of this coverage is hubbed at, the worldwide leader in coffee sports. We can’t wait for you to join us in Denver! Follow along, root for your favorites, and we’ll see you on the road to Boston all season long.

Coverage supported by Joe GloMahlkönigAcaia, Baratza, FaemaCafe Imports, and Wilbur Curtis.

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