It’s the Holiday Season – and it’s the time for gift guides.’s boutique, curated line of Ultimate Holiday Gift Guides are your one-stop-shop for the best in coffee. Please look for many more of our Ultimate, Authoritative, Indispensable Guides throughout the 2013 Holiday Season.

This particular guide features some of the very best in curated coffee kits – for those in your life who don’t have it all. To really get in the coffee game you need more than just an adequate brewer – you need the whole megillah, and the following kits from our friends and partners in speciality coffee really have it all. Many even have free shipping through the holidays!


Verve Coffee Roasters Complete Home Brew Kit $360 For those who like it big and simple. Verve Coffee Roasters offers a number of curated kits, including a low-cost Aeropress travel-all, but we like this particular collection best of all. It comes with a sturdy Baratza Encore grinder, a Bonavita Brewer with Gold Cone Filter, Escali Scale, Verve mug, and 12 ounce bag of coffee. This is a perfect gift for the office co-worker, your best friend, or a college freshman. Added bonus: Free shipping. Shop for the Verve Coffee Complete Home Brew Kit.

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Stumptown Coffee Journeyman Kit $120 Analog brewing for a Hi-Fi cup of coffee. For this season, Stumptown Coffee has created a number of impressive and inventive curated sets for home brewing, but we’re most taken with the Journeyman Kit. The Beehouse is a utilitarian dripper – old school, perhaps even OG – and the Bonavita kettle is a nice touch. While hand-grinding can get cumbersome, it’s quiet and for the single-cup user, not that big of a deal. This is the perfect gift for the multiple roommate loft-dweller, the Walden Pond lone cowboy, and the newly indoctrinated coffee enthusiast in-law alike, all at a price point that can’t be beat. Added bonus: A Stumptown Coffee carpenter’s pencil. Shop for the Stumptown Coffee Journeyman.


Intelligentsia Coffee Traveler’s Gift Box $85 Take celebration on the road. Intelligentsia Coffee‘s sturdy line of gift boxes for the season are beautiful – but we’ve almost come to expect jaw-dropping aesthetics from Intelligentsia each year at Christmas. The Traveler’s Gift Box comes well equipped with 12oz of Celebration Blend, an Intelligentsia Logo Travel Mug, a Hario V60 Dripper and filters. Perfect for that jet setter in your life that demands only the best in coffee preparation, or for the at-home coffee swag curated who needs a new focal point to his or her mantel. Added bonus: Free shipping. Shop for the Intelligentsia Coffee Traveler’s Gift Box.


Prima Coffee’s Eva Solo Kit $145 Taking temperature stability to the next level. Prima Coffee packs a lot of oomph in this simple, professional coffee set. It features the near perfect Bonavita Pino Kettle, a remarkable little piece of brewing gear that allows the user to hold and set specific temperatures. But the real star in this kit is the Cafe Solo. Once a darling of the 2005 coffee nerd set, the Cafe Solo is making a comeback in a big way, even creeping its way into service at select fine cafes. Neoprene sleeves never go out of style. Added bonus: Free shipping. Shop for the Prima Coffee Eva Solo Kit.


Espresso Parts Brew Kit $156.74 Chemex and steel for a steal. Espresso Parts is offering a screaming good deal, just screaming, and your gift recipient may well scream themselves silly when they open up this box. It contains a timeless Chemex coffee maker (complete with classic leather tassel), a sturdy Able Kone filter, and a Hario Buono electric kettle. These are products we use regularly in our own homes and can wholeheartedly endorse – three pieces of brew gear that are reliable, convenient, and look great on any kitchen counter. Added bonus: This kit’s on sale. Shop for the Espresso Parts Brew Kit.


Handsome Coffee Deluxe Wooden Gift Box $150 A keepsake box filled with treasures. Handsome Coffee Roasters are putting out some damn good coffee these days, and this fabulous gift box really speaks to their strengths – elegant design in a sturdy reusable container. It allows the user to pick between three charming mugs, contains a Kalita Wave brewer with filters, and comes with a fresh 12oz bag of coffee. Added bonus: Next day delivery available. Shop for the Handsome Coffee Deluxe Wooden Gift Box.