Pulled from our ever-expanding YouTube channel, here’s a look back at the 2012 Northeast Regional Barista Competition in video form. There’s more to come throughout the week so be sure to subscribe to us on the Youtubes and keep an eye on our Facebooks. Without further ado, the videos: [youtube]NSS3kYqkN3E[/youtube]

Here’s Park Brannen, chatting with us and snuggling up with WBC champ / Handsome honcho Mike Phillips. [youtube]6824-HaIQ5I[/youtube]

Our favorite new person we met this weekend was Daria (pronounced dare-ee-uh) Whalen, of Pavement Coffeehouse in Boston. We were really impressed by the Boston showing at NERBC, and look forward to checking out the cafes in that city soon.

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Sam Penix is the owner-operator of Everyman Espresso, in the East Village. He just missed the cut for this year’s NERBC finals. Sam’s store manager / right hand man, Sam Lewontin, placed 4th in this year’s NERBC, and will compete at the USBC in Portland. [youtube]n8_GU6ndGp0[/youtube]

Some love for the Brewers Cup, which had a circus-like atmosphere of onlookers and attention at this year’s NERBC. If you haven’t had the pleasure already, meet Tamara Vigil of Irving Farm coffee, a double-competitor in both barista and brewers events, who competed in the finals for Brewers Cup. [youtube]TYcBAioo58Q[/youtube]

We caught former Mid-Atlantic Regional winner Katie Carguilo as she was walking in on the very first day of NERBC, the calm before the storm. [youtube]DxlQu7M99AA[/youtube]

And finally, the ever-humble, still shell-shocked Katie Carguilo gave us a moment of her time after winning the 2012 Northeast Regional Barista Competition. She thanked the entire Counter Culture team for their ongoing support throughout her months of training.

Congratulations to all of the competitors this year!

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