A brief glimpse into the Socratic method…

Socrates: My pupils, pretend for a moment that there’s a coffee cupping and education session you wish to attend, but alas, the event is being staged in a far-flung province. How does one still experience the knowledge?

Unnamed pupil:
Maybe the company putting on that cupping is cool enough to livestream the event and make the whole thing interactive, Socrates. Then you could attend all around the country.

Socrates: Very good, but what’s a livestream?

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*end scene*

Coming your way March 5th, 2012 is an interactive cupping and Q&A session happening in 6 places at once, brought to you by the folks at Counter Culture Coffee. Not since Devo played live on Pay-Per-View have we been this excited for a simulcast! The focus of this event will be coffee varieties, their differences, and how they impact the cup:

There are thousands of arabica coffee varieties growing in the world, but the vast majority of coffee cultivation and consumption centers around a select few. In the same way that different grape cultivars affect wine flavor, coffee variety influences cup characteristics. To explore this fascinating topic further, we’ve created a short film and an accompanying cupping, comparing 12 + varieties – and we want to share it all with YOU!

The event will be hosted by Counter Culture’s own personal Socrates, Peter Giuliano, who will be offering expertise and insight to viewers at all 6 Counter Culture training labs across the USA. Think of it as a kind of free intro to the Counter Culture Pro Series, except this time the education is absolutely free, and completely open to the public (though a bit of cupping experience would probably help). Gather together in one of Counter Culture’s 6 training centers, cup along with Peter on the flat screen simulcast, and see if you can get him to tell you some amazing stories once the coursework is finished. (Seriously, the man is full of amazing stories.)

You can learn more by checking out the Facebook event here, and here’s a list of CCC Training Centers to aid in your planning:

D.C. – 1840 Columbia Road NW, Suite 202

New York – 37 W. 26th St., Suite 400
Durham – 4911 South Alston Avenue
Chicago – 177 North Ada, Unit 106
Atlanta – King Plow Arts Center, 887 West Marietta Street NW, Suite m210
Asheville – 77 Broadway Street

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