Springtime for Link-ler, Week of April 6th

Springtime for Link-ler, Week of April 6th

Sprudge Spring Elixir

Spring is in the air (cherry blossoms!!!!) and that means it’s coffee event season–excellently captured by Ben Blake‘s newest doodle. was all over the place this week, with Jordan and Zachary visiting Montreal for Barista Nation and then jetting to London to cover the UK Barista Championships and London Coffee Festival. I am in NYC, and am very excited for tomorrow’s Edible Manhattan Coffee Summit.

First Round of Acaia Coffee Scales Shipped Out To Backers

The Acaia coffee scale (previously on Sprudge) has started shipping out to backers. This super advanced brewing scale includes a timer, wireless bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated iOS recipe/remote viewing app. Four months from Kickstarter to shipped units=not bad.

Teens Smoking Coffee? We Helped Make That Up, And We’re Very Sorry

Photo: VICE/Elizabeth Vazquez

Photo: VICE/Elizabeth Vazquez

Kids. Please don’t smoke coffee. We know we told you to and warned your parents about this dangerous new trend. But that was a joke. One big “jk”. We’re very sorry for what we helped unleash on the world.

Deadmau5 and Rob Ford may go for a coffee run in the musician’s custom ‘Purrari’ race car



Like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but with more wubb-wubb-wubb. And a Nyancat Ferrarri because sure why not #internet.

Intellectual Ventures spins off new ‘Coffee Flour’ startup

Intellectual Ventures, the patent/Intellectual Property juggernaut owned by Nathan Myhrvold (of Modernist Cuisine fame) just spun off a project that is making a nutritious “flour” out of coffee processing byproducts. They’re working with some of the biggest industrial growers and hope to make a serious dent in the coffee wastestream.

Free Coffee at McDonald’s Begins Today As Breakfast Battle With Taco Bell Heats Up

Begun, the breakfast clone wars have.

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