Spooky: My French-Press, A Manual K-Cup Brewer

Spooky: My French-Press, A Manual K-Cup Brewer

We found this video in a shallow grave and it’s for a new product that should go straight into our bottomless pit! It answers the question: What looks like an Aeropress, brews K-Cups, and recommends microwaving water? The positively ghoulish  My French-Press! Don’t let the name fool you, it’s certainly not a french press, and it’s most definitely not listed as a SCAA approved brewing device, but that won’t stop Cafejo owner Pat Rolfes from claiming:

“We’ve achieved SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America Gold Cup Standard Brewing so you can’t brew a better cup of coffee than with the ‘My French-Press’…it’s the way to brew coffee these days!”

If microwaving plastic containers full of water isn’t terrifying enough, they also recommend using the My French-Press with milk:

Brew with hot milk and make lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate too. Its microwave safe pitcher allows you to heat water to the ideal brewing temperature of 195° to 205° Fahrenheit for the optimum extraction of your coffee.

Available online for $39.99! It’s a scream!




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