La Marzocco USA continues their weekly Roasters Showcase series in Seattle this Friday at 10am, where they’ll be featuring Seattle’s newest coffee concern, a company called Slate Coffee Roasters. The project has a few intriguing resumes to boast, with an opening staff that includes Timothy Graham (ex-Victrola), Brandon Paul Weaver, and Nik Virrey (both former Zoka employees).

Additional info comes courtesy of email correspondence with Slate:

We at Slate Coffee Roasters cordially invite you to attend our Roaster’s Showcase at the La Marzocco factory in Ballard at 10 am, this Friday November 2nd. We are a brand new roaster in Seattle and our goal is to reframe coffee in a culinary context. After all, coffee is a tropical fruit and we think it should taste like it. We have some of these coffees and we would like to share them with you.

Attendees will be served what Slate calls “The Modern Menu”, which includes just three offerings: espresso, espresso with milk, and hand brewed coffee. You’ll also have a chance to ask about Slate’s impending retail space, their roasting operations, and the mobile coffee service Airstream trailer they’ve been working on.

A look at an airstream cafe from yesteryear.

RSVP on Facebook, and check out Slate’s “About” section for more on their worldview. La Marzocco USA is located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood at 1553 Northwest Ballard Way, and the event begins at 10am.