Specialty Delivery: Nerd Feels Need To Nip Nespres...

Specialty Delivery: Nerd Feels Need To Nip Nespresso

The above tweet sounded the alarms at the offices this morning. Is it Batman-esque coffee vigilantism? Or petty bourgeois elitist thuggery? Is this Specialty Eye For The Robusta Guy? Is stealing someone’s order of Nespresso and replacing it with some Nekisse a good idea or a bad idea? A conservative idea or a liberal idea? Is this indicative of a culture war that’s wrecked civilized society asunder? Should we all just get over ourselves for five seconds, finally?

Is replacing someone’s bag of Gevalia with a pound of gesha amount to a public service or a crime of decency? Can’t you tell this barnyard guessing game is tearing us apart?

Sound off in the comments below!

  1. Katharina

    6 February

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  2. Vanessa

    25 July

    If the couple across the hall gets a package from Honey Baked Ham, is it a crime to replace it with something from Niman Ranch?

    I mean, if you’re going to buy a Beaujolais, why not spring for a Beaujolais-Villages?

    And confidential to jbviau: If the tenants in my coop can’t afford the proper instruments to make a sensible cup of coffee, then the whole world has turned inside out.

    • jbviau

      26 July

      ^^^ It’s clear to me that having the right tools isn’t enough if you don’t know (or want to know) how to use them! Maybe Maria should just invite these people over for coffee instead and try to impress them.

  3. jbviau

    25 July

    Whoever tweeted this is all kinds of clueless. For example, maybe the neighbors in question don’t have a grinder. I understand the impulse, but if ever there were a coffee-related domain that’s especially capsule-friendly, it’s espresso. Doing it “right” takes a serious investment of money, time, and energy–one which many aren’t willing to make.

  4. Skitch

    25 July

    It’s commenters like the ones above that make me happy I invested in a mailbox with a digital locking mechanism. You tamper with my mail, I tamper with you. Pure and simple.

  5. Betty

    25 July

    Since I live out here in the country my neighbors are spread far and wide. Doesn’t keep me from doing a drive to check on what they’s got coming in and coming out. I usually head out ’round 3am, before the birds wake up, to do the initial survey. Takes about two hours roundtrip.

  6. Jerry

    25 July

    You wouldn’t believe the crap the jokers next door order! Sometimes I just want to burn their house down with all the crap coffee they take in! Burn it to the ground.

    Then maybe I wouldn’t get woked up at 2AM when they start blasting their music. Then maybe I could at least get a decents nights sleep and then wake up to my favorite cuppa: some of the real good stuff.

    • namegreg

      27 July

      “Cuppa”? If you were not born in the Commonwealth, sir, this is a personal declaration of a deep need for a hose-beating.

  7. George

    25 July

    I’m not certain it’s a crime in my area to take care of neighbor’s crap and replace it with gold doubloons. Heck, it wouldn’t hold up in court anyhow. Some people should do some research before they do it in their own areas. Could be something put in the law books ions ago that never been amended. Check with your local government officials. – George

  8. Carolyn

    25 July

    You know, this issue is a tough cookie. For me, personally, I don’t see anything wrong with checking out what my neighbors are up to. In this world we live in, I believe that safety should trump all. I’m not going to let anyone jeopardize my life or the lives of my loved ones around me and I’ll do anything in my power to assure our safety.

    So maybe I do snoop on my neighbors. Maybe I do switch out their French Roast for something more civilized. If it’ll keep my backyard free of foreign criminals trying to change MY VALUES and MY BELIEF SYSTEMS for THEIR AGENDA, then I feel like I’m doing my duty as an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  9. Estelle

    25 July

    I for one have been doing this for years! My neighbor Arnie gets preground deliveries every Saturday. I just replace his preground with whole beans and a hand grinder. I also leave a note saying “sorry, the industrial grinder broke, your pals at the Robusta Warehouse” so he thinks it’s still the stuff he orders.

    I always wear a mask.

    When I smell the sweet aroma drifting past my begonia bushes and into my kitchen it makes me swell with pride. All in a days work for Estelle. That’s me, Estelle!

  10. i for one think this is an extraneous kerfluffle.

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