Just past the menfolk-only Nickel Spa and one block shy of the Apple Store, there sits a little slice of New York City known to some as an escalating epicenter of violent homeless mob scenes. For those who work nearby at Think Coffee, the problem is reaching a breaking point. CBS Local has more:

Manager Matt Fury said since his “Think Coffee” shop opened at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, he has had to constantly referee what he calls violent homeless crowds repeatedly causing disturbances and even throwing chairs around.

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“We’re very concerned for our employees who have to be here for pay and also for the neighborhood,” Fury told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck on Thursday night.

For baristas, handling wayward folk’ll is no easy task. Some cafes train for it, while others go as far as to take defensive measures against it. We know of cafes with 911 on speed dial, and we’re half-sure it’s only half for irony. So we want to ask our readers: how do you handle sticky situations with agitated guests? And what do you think about Think?

Comments are open, Twitter is buzzing, and heck, we might print your emails if you write to wayward@sprudge.com. Horror stories? Moments of unexpected kindness and revelation? Further chair throwing incidents? We want to hear them all.


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