gravity-guy co-founder Zachary Carlsen is in Costa Rica all week long, embedded in the Cafe Imports Origin Trip alongside all 6 2012 US regional barista competition champs. They’re visiting farms, meeting Costa Rican barista champs, and taking it all in.

I was flipping through a grain machinery catalog yesterday and came across a real humdinger of a density sorter. And then I saw one in real life at the Las Lajas mill in the Central Valley in Costa Rica! Doña Francisca Cubillo and her husband Oscar demonstrated the bizarre, dizzying, and hypnotic splendor of a density sorter.

Feast your eyes!

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In dry milling, a density sorter automagically separates green based on – well – density. Defects and junk get bumped to the far right and pooped out.


Watch the quality green coffee bump-bump-bump its way to the left side and the sub-quality bump-bump-bump its way to the right.




And, as promised, meet Bruno, the Las Lajas perrito.


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