Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen is in Costa Rica all week long, embedded in the Cafe Imports Origin Trip. Follow along with his exploits here.

When traveling the coffeelands at just the right time, you can bring joy and happiness to your friends back home by snapping the perfect coffee flowering selfie. 2012 South Central Barista champ Lorenzo Perkins had just that opportunity while traveling with Cafe Imports on their 2013 Costa Rica Barista Trip.

Here’s some quick tips on taking the perfect coffee flowering selfie.



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Find a coffee shrub in full flowering. There is nothing quite like it. The little white flowers are just the beginning – and eventually they fall – and in their place? Coffee cherries emerge.


Stick your nose up in there. “The flowers smelled light and bright. Like opening a bottle of orange blossom water,” Lorenzo told me. When areas are flowering, entire valleys are aromatic. It’s gorgeous. Now let’s take that selfie.



Grab your little point-and-shoot, stretch out your arm, and angle the lens. Remember, the higher the lens, the cuter your face. High angles = 2001 Myspace Profile realness. You’ve got to be gorgeous to be real.


The finished product! Bedroom eyes, flowers, and a champion. Put them all together for the perfect photograph.

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