Some Like It Room Temperature: Hoffmann and The Me...

Some Like It Room Temperature: Hoffmann and The Merits Of Cooling Your Shots

Hoffmann Invasion

James Hoffmann + Gwilym Davies ÷ perhaps a bit too much free time = this post over at

We’re huge fans of the London coffee braintrust, but this one left us scratching our heads a bit:

Some days Gwilym drops by for a chat and coffee, and now and then breaks my head a bit: Now, the ‘rules’ say that you are supposed to drink your espresso quickly. Everyone knows this. You stand at the bar, you drink it down as fresh as you can for maximum delicousness.

I never really liked hot espresso (well – espresso that was too hot because either the cup was unpleasantly hot or the shot had run too quickly), and I liked it a little cooler but I still tend to drink it pretty soon after brewing. Gwilym was just sat there, letting the tasty shot I had pulled go cold….

We began talking about it and he said that lately he’s really been enjoying his espresso a lot more when it has gone pretty much cold..I let my next shot go cold. It was seriously, shockingly tasty. Acres of sweetness, lovely clarity of flavour, the acidity hadn’t crashed and turned on me – it was juicy in a good way.

I wouldn’t say we’re skeptical…it’s just, we’ll have to try it ourselves. Something tells me having killer shots of Square Mile to work with helps this process immensely (tell us, Jim: was it the new Fall Blend?)

Let your next shot go cold, take a sip, then hop in and join the always-awesome discussion at JimSeven. Comment of the month goes to Jay Caragay:

“Seems to me that our community suffers from too much dogma and forgets that what we’re producing is meant to be delicious on the palate and not some sort of number on a computer analysis.”

Someone ought to put that on a t-shirt.

  1. shaggy

    7 January

    THAT MAN in Seattle directs us to drink in two short slurps quickly for maximum shock and awe.

    An unpretentious gentleman at 4B in SF suggested kindly I delay a minute or so. I was rewarded for my self inflicted feelings of doltness.

    I now have a running experiment. Wait a minute or so, then three slurps intermittently. The increasing taste spectrum is noticeable.

    Going to give the cooling a try.

    I enjoy the tech/science/geek/schlep/dolt/asscrack part of SPECIALTY COFFEE. Mostly just delicious coffee. However it is thoughtfully and graciously achieved.

  2. Collin

    29 September

    How’s this?

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